Change an Active Robot to Passive Mode

To change an active robot to passive mode and connect it with its parent hub, follow these steps.

Note: You need the passive robot's IP address in this procedure.

  1. Log on to Infrastructure Manager.
  2. Change the robot from active to passive mode:
    1. In the navigation tree, locate the active robot and display its probes.
    2. Right-click the controller probe and select Configure.
    3. In Controller Configuration, navigate to Setup > Misc.
    4. Set the Robot mode to Passive - must be contacted by hub, then click OK.
  3. Remove the robot from hub registered robots list:
    1. Navigate to the hub that manages the robot, then navigate to the hub probe.
    2. Right-click the hub probe and select Configure.
    3. Select the Robots tab.
    4. In the Registered Robots pane:
      • Make a note of the robot’s IP address.
      • Right-click on the robot and select Remove.
  4. Add the passive robot to hub registered robots list:
    1. In the Robots tab, right-click in the Registered Robots page and select Add Passive Robot.
    2. Enter the robot’s IP address and first probe port (default is 48000).
    3. Click Verify, then click OK to exit the dialogs.

The robot is now in passive mode, and its parent hub is configured to request messages from it. Before you deploy marketplace packages, make sure you specify the marketplace user.