Modifying Communication Settings for Passive Robots

If desired, you can further configure the hub's communication with passive robots in the hub's Raw Configure utility.

Follow these steps:

  1. In Infrastructure Manager, navigate to the hub that manages the passive robot and display its probes.
  2. Open the Raw Configure utility:
  3. Navigate to the hub folder.
  4. Select New Key, then enter the Key Name and Value.

    Note: To edit an existing key, double-click the Key name and change the Value.

  5. Close the utility when you are finished.

The following table shows some common keys for passive robots and their default values.






Number of worker threads (thread pool) available for hub-to-robot communication.

Recommendation: Set the pool to 50% of the number of passive robots you have.



Interval at which the hub requests messages from passive robots.

15 seconds


Number of messages the hub will accept from a passive robot in a single retrieval interval.



Length of time the comms API will block a call to a robot that is not responding.

15 seconds


Maximum Interval between requests to a non-responding passive robot. Interval time doubles every 10 minutes up to this value.



Number of seconds the hub will wait for passive robot management threads to stop before it kills them.

Important! Modifying this value can cause a significant delay in monitoring functions. Do not modify it unless advised by CA support.

60 seconds