Install a Passive Robot and Connect it to a Hub

To install a passive robot and connect it to a parent hub, follow these steps.

  1. Install a passive robot. For instructions, go to the CA UIM Server Installation Guide in the UIM documentation library and refer to the appropriate section.
  2. Add the robot to the hub's registered robots list:
    1. In Infrastructure Manager, navigate to the hub that will manage the passive robot.
    2. Display the hub's probes, then right-click the hub probe and select Configure.
    3. Select the Robots tab.
    4. Right-click in the Registered Robots pane and select Add Passive Robot.
    5. Enter the robot’s IP address and first probe port (default is 48000).
    6. Click Verify, then click OK to exit the dialogs.

The passive robot is installed, and its parent hub is configured to request messages from the robot. Before you deploy marketplace packages to the tobot, make sure you specify the marketplace user.