Specify the Marketplace User

To specify the user that will run marketplace probes, follow these steps before you deploy the package.

Tip: To simplify administration, CA recommends you create a user account specifically for this purpose, and create the same account on all systems that will run marketplace probes.

  1. Log in to Admin Console or Infrastructure Manager.
  2. Navigate to the robot that will manage a marketplace probe and display its probes.
  3. Open the Probe Utility:
  4. In the upper left field, select change_marketplace_user.
  5. Enter the username and password:

    Note: The password appears as visible text when you enter it. The username and password are encrypted in the configuration file.

  6. Click the green arrow to execute the callback and save the credentials.

Robot configuration for marketplace probe deployment is complete. If you want to adjust the hub-to-robot communication (optional), refer to Modifying Communication Settings for Passive Robots.