Unified Infrastructure Management Server (formerly known as Nimsoft Monitor Server, or NMS) introduces a new automated billing process that is relevant for customers who have licenses based on quantity and minimum commitment (Min-Commit) subscriptions, and for those non-subscription contracts that require periodic auditing for renewals.

In the past, customers installed a CA subscription file into their UIM monitoring environment, deployed the usage_metering probe across the environment, and manually ran the billing probe to collect the information generated by usage_metering. This generated a monthly Billing Report that customers emailed to CA Sales. Along the way, configuration issues were common, and customers often had to manually collect the storage capacity information and enter it into the report.

The new Automated Usage Metering and Billing process automates these workflows and eliminates the manual intervention required to upload a report to CA. To deliver reports, users can either "opt-in" to enable the automatic transfer of billing reports to CA via a secured web gateway channel, or manually email the reports, which are always stored locally.

This document explains how to set up this process.