Deploy Webgtw and PPM

Version 8.0 and later of the webgtw probe generates a unique Instance ID and contains the company information that you enter during configuration. These items are automatically included in your billing reports. CA recommends you deploy and configure webgtw even if you choose not to automatically transfer of your reports.

Version 2.39 or later of the ppm probe provides the webgtw configuration GUI.

Follow these steps.

  1. Determine which robot will host the web gateway probe. If you plan to opt-in to automatic billing report transfer, this system must either:
  2. Using Admin Console, deploy webgtw 8.0 to that robot.
  3. The webgtw probe starts, then creates an instance_id, a globally unique ID (GUID) for your UIM Server installation. This ID is used to identify your reports to CA.
  4. Deploy ppm v2.39 to the system that hosts Admin Console (typically the primary hub).

Note: If either webgtw or ppm does not automatically start, activate the probe manually.

Deployment is complete.