Deploy or Upgrade Usage Metering (if necessary)

The usage_metering probe scans your UIM environment to identify the devices you are monitoring. The results are retrieved by the billing probe, which must reside on the same robot as usage_metering.

If usage_metering is already deployed in your UIM environment, you do not need to upgrade. Older versions of the UM probe are compatible with the new process and will provide consistent data for the billing probe. However, CA recommends that you upgrade all instances of the probe to version 8.0 or later to take advantage of performance improvements.

If you need to:

For more information on usage_metering, refer to the usage_metering Infrastructure Manager probe configuration document in the UIM documentation library.

Deploy or Upgrade Billing

The billing probe collects usage item data from usage_metering, then performs the calculations required to generate a billing report.

If billing is has not been deployed or upgraded, deploy billing 8.0. In most environments, billing is deployed to the primary hub; however, it can be deployed to a secondary hub. For more information, refer to the Infrastructure Manager billing probe configuration document in the UIM documentation library.

Note the following: