About Searching

The CA Unified Infrastructure Management Product Information Library offers two types of search. Each is available from the tabs at the top of the navigation frame:

NSLAND--Search Tabs --SCR


The Search tab lets you search the currently displayed document. Use this search facility to search within a specific document that you already have open. This tab is available to all users.

Search Site

The Search Site tab lets you search across the entire CA Unified Infrastructure Management Library. You can specify that you want results only from certain categories of documentation, such as Probes or UMP. Wildcards ('*' and '?'), -negation, and "quoted phrases" are supported. Note that search results include all available versions of all documents. Check the URLs to make sure you select links to the version that applies to you.

Note: This tab is currently available only for English documentation. We are working to make it available for all languages as soon as possible.