NMI--Hub Configuration Values



Hub Domain

Desired name for this NMS domain (default is the name of the server with dom appended).

Hub Name

Desired name for this hub (default is the name of the server with hub appended).


Desired password (at least six characters) for your Nimsoft administrator. The name of this user is always administrator; the name and the password are required to log in to NMS after installation.

First Probe Port (optional)

Use the default (48000) and let the system assign ports as needed unless you have a reason to specify an initial port for Nimsoft probes.


The license key exactly as it appears on your Nimsoft License Document. (If you do not have a license, the installer creates a temporary trial license that will work for 30 days).

Select IP for Hub

The installer displays all network interfaces attached to the computer. Select the IP address you want to use for NMS traffic.

Note: Unless you have a specific reason to do so, do not choose a Link Local address, which is an address that starts with 169.254 (IPv4) or fe80: (IPv6). A warning displays if you do. If you want to proceed using a Link Local address, click the Allow Link Local Address box.