How the Information is Delivered

Most users of the information here will access it live via the internet. Others may have a local copy, and update it periodically. There are trade-offs in this choice, but CA believes internet delivery is preferable in most circumstances.




Internet access to probe information

  • Updates are automatic. You are assured you always have access to the latest available information.
  • Whenever new or updated probes are released, the information for them is instantly available on-line.
  • Enhancements to the information, even for probes that have not undergone recent revision, are visible as soon as they are available.
  • All links within CA information products are fully functional.
  • Some sites can not permit open access to the internet.
  • Links to some secondary material may not work, as the local information package may not include every possible reference. At present, this is not the case, but as more information moves into this repository, providing a complete local package may become impractical due to sheer volume.
  • Internet latency may occasionally delay response. However, we find delays are rare, and even more rarely significant.

Local access to probe information

  • Sites without open access to the internet still have most of the features that internet users enjoy.
  • Internet latency is not a factor.
  • Probe information can change quickly and without notice. To stay as current as possible, the local CA UIM administrator must take the time and effort to download and install information updates. This task must be repeated regularly over the course of time.
  • CA can only create new download packages periodically, and in the interim, your information is aging.
  • The volume consumes many MB of disk space, and requires noticeable time to download and install updates.